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Other Novelty T-Shirts

We design other t-shirts besides souvenir t-shirts. These shirts can easily be turned into souvenir t-shirts upon request. We can name drop your attraction, state or city name onto these shirts for a small fee.  We have retro designs, font inspired designs, whiskey label designs and many other varieties to choose from.  Maybe you do ghost tours.  You might like out Paranormal Tees t-shirts a a souvenir for people who attend your tours.  Maybe you’re looking for inspirational sayings or holiday t-shirts for Mardi Gras, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, or Thanksgiving.  We have a wide variety of these shirts available that you can simply add your state, city or attraction name to.  Call us at 314-591-2788 (Fairway Manufacturing Co.) for more information.

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    Other Novelty T-Shirts

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