I love souvenirs!  The Souvenir T-Shirt Company was started in 2019 by me, Betsy Messingham. I have worked and still work in the souvenir business for over 35 years and knows what sells and what’s popular. Setting up a custom store online was an inevitable way to go. I have a passion for designing t-shirts, mugs and other souvenirs and gifts. T-shirts and mugs are some of the very best souvenirs to sell in your gift shops. Everyone buys either one or both or more than one of each. I wanted to offer unique and cool designs for retail and wholesale customers alike.  Doing so let’s people who live in specific areas show off their love of their city, state or activity, like camping, while also adding a wholesale and custom design service for gift shops around the world to offer our designs with their name on them.  You can sell my designs with a name drop or custom label or sell our sell your custom designs on our great products in your gift shop or online store.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you find something you love!


Betsy Messingham
Owner and graphic designer